In my programs, I often teach a principle of "turning problems into opportunities". This is also one of the coaching skills. O...

In my programs, I often teach a principle of "turning problems into opportunities".
This is also one of the coaching skills.

Once you start to see your problems as opportunities, everything changes.
Instead of seeing life full of problems, you see a life full of opportunities.
You put yourself in a strong position - mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

In the Bhagavad-gita, Arjuna thought that fighting is a problem, and gave many reasons to support that view. But Krsna said no, it is an opportunity, a rare opportunity. So we find this principle in the Gita.

Now, how do you do that - practically? How do you turn problems into opportunities?
It is quite simple, but if you are intelligent, the effect can be quite amazing.

You first write down the problem, as clearly and as concisely as you can.
Then, ask yourself this question:


And then write down at least 20 answers, or opportunities.

Every problem is an opportunity for something. Here are several opportunities found in most problems:

- You can learn how to see problems differently and how to solve problems more effectively.

- You can learn something new. You learn what works and what does not work. You learn about yourself, e.g., how you react to challenging situations. You learn about other people: what they think, how they behave, etc.

- You can examine your assumptions, paradigms, mindsets, and perceptions.

- You can take shelter of Krsna more sincerely by praying for guidance.

- You can look at the Bhagavad-gita for ideas and solutions.

- You can ask people who care for advice.

- You can see the issue from the spiritual point of view - through the eyes of the sastra (scriptures).

- You can take love as a basis for solving the problem, instead of fear or anger.

- You can ask yourself: Where is Krsna in all this?

- You can ask yourself: How should I deal with this so Krsna is pleased the most?

- You can ask yourself: What would a pure devotee do in this situation?

It is also an opportunity to learn creative problem solving. There are many resources for that.

So instead of being a victim or a weakling when you face a problem, become a victor and a vira (hero, warrior, champion).

Problems are not meant to crush you or destroy you. They are meant to help you learn more and become stronger.

Use them to grow and develop and become more serious and sincere about attaining the ultimate goal of life.


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